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Sexual Assault

Campus Resources

Campus Outreach Services
C.O.S. specializes in developing date rape and sexual assault prevention programs for high schools and colleges. The site offers information on bringing speakers to your campus or school, free web research on sexual violence, lobbying for sexual assault-related legislation, and more.

Security on Campus
A site entirely devoted to college students, particularly women, and to preventing sexual assault and rape on campus. Learn about the law, campus safety ordinances, and how to get your college or university to comply. You will also find a list of resources for women who have been assaulted.

Government Resources

Government Research and Reference
Visit FMF's online resource, where you can search for government documents and get connected to government agencies.

FMF's Resources from the Beijing Fourth World Conference on Women
View FMF staff's reports from the field, platform gains for women's rights, challenges to women's rights, testimony by women leaders, and more in our Global Feminism section, with much of the focus on violence against women and much attention devoted to preventing such violence.

U.S. Department of Justice Violence Against Women Office
This extensive site provides information on state, regional, and national resources, links to police departments with domestic violence pages, fact sheets, and many other links. It also includes government information on domestic violence including legislation, reports and studies, speeches, and press releases.