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Sexual Assault

Survivor Resources

State Crisis Centers and Hotlines
The Feminist Majority Foundation offers contact information for sexual assault and rape resources in every state. If you are a staff member at a state resource center and want to add your center to our listing, please email us.

The Awareness Center
This site contains resources and research about sexual abuse in the Jewish Community. Also provides resources available to survivors and where to go for help within the Jewish Community.

The Clothesline Project
This site explains the history and purpose of The Clothesline Project; which provides an opportunity for female survivors of sexual assault to voice their experience and to unify through their transformation from victim to survivor. After visiting the site, find out what students are doing about violence against women in FMF's Choices Campus Community bulletin boards.

Domestic Violence Project, Inc./Safe House
This organization offers support for survivors of domestic violence, including both men and women, straight people and gays and lesbians (as explicitly stated on their home page). Added features include information on preventative programs, education for children, shelters, and a 24-hour hotline number.

The Healing Woman
A grassroots project for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest, the Healing Woman Foundation began as a monthly newsletter by, for, and about strong survivors helping each other through their healing process. Subscribe to the newsletter, find resources, and share your story with other survivors online.

Homesafe Rape Crisis Web Page
Get resources on date rape, sexual assault, incest, male rape, and a range of other topics dealing with violence on this great resource. The site also ncludes a free ListServ for people interested in discussing rape and sexual abuse.

Legal Statutes
A long maze of links to both domestic and international legal statutes on sexual assault and other statutes related to violence against women. This site does not list legal statutes for all states and countries, but it does provide detailed accounts for the listed collection.

Rape Victim Advocacy Program
In addition to a 24-hour rape victim help line, this advocacy group operates a web site with information on child and adult sexual assault and abuse, plus information on how to find a good counselor and what to expect from therapy.

The Survivor's Page
This colorful, award-winning page designed to be a comfort and outlet for survivors of sexual abuse and rape is a good place to network. It includes a list of related organizations as well as interactive chat rooms, a writing, letters and poetry section, e-mail lists and a posting area. It has a section on Real Audio clips with survivors' stories.