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Feminist Arts, Literature, & Entertainment

At Stake in ’08
This documentary addressed the key issues faced by voters-particularly women-in the 1108 election. It reviews challenges to civil and women's rights, a failing health care system, environmental degradation and the war in Iraq.

CEDAW: The Secret Treaty
Produced by FMF Board Member Lorraine Sheinberg this documentary shines a light on some of the injustices against women in the U.S. and around the world, and explains how U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women Treaty would serve as a blueprint to address them.

Hot Buttons: How Wedge Issues Spin Elections
An introduction to major hot button issues facing USA voters: abortion, affirmative action, economy, immigration, and marriage equality. This short documentary reveals how these hot button issues are used as wedges to divide the electorate.

Never Go Back: The Threat to Legalized Abortion
Produced by FMF Board Member Lorraine Sheinberg and narrated by Carrie Fisher, this 15 -minute video outlines the threat that upcoming Supreme Court retirements pose to accessible, legal abortion in the United States.

Shroud of Silence
This powerful 15 minute documentary narrated by Marlo Thomas chronicles the everyday struggle that is life for women under the Taliban regime's brutal system of gender apartheid.

Revelations: Exposing the Radical Right
This eye-opening 18-minute documentary video (even to the feminist veteran) exposes the convergence of right-wing political, religious and economic forces in the U.S.

They Lied
This documentary highlights corruption in Washington, deception in the drive up to the Iraq war, election manipulation and the disastrous mishandling of Katrina. This video is an educational call to action.

The Global Majority…Again
This revealing film exposes the devastation resulting from the Global Gag Rule. Millions of women and children worldwide suffer from the lack of reproductive healthcare due to the funding withheld by U.S. government because of the Global Gag Rule.

"Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist"
The third in a series of films on the advertising industry, body image, and women, "Beyond Killing Us Softly" is a 30-minute documentary that explores the question of how adolescent girls interpret the confusing, conflicting, and sexist messages they get from the media. Featuring feminist activists and scholars including Carol Gilligan, Amy Richards, Gloria Steinem, and Gail Dines, the film goes beyond calling girls "victims," and shows them interacting with potentially harmful messages and resisting the call to victimhood. With interviews with girls from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds, "Beyond Killing Us Softly" is an excellent teaching tool, for mentoring projects with junior high or high school students, or for a college-level women's studies course, teaching students to read images encoded with sexist, racist, and heterosexist messages.

To order this film, contact Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc at 617-484-3993      

Lifetime Television for Women
This site contains information about the network's shows, with links to each one. It also includes a information about the Women's National Basketball Association and a link to Health Times, a magazine focusing on women's health concerns.

This 1100-launched website and television network for women covers a range of topics, from motherhood to politics to reproductive health. Visit the site for news, tips, message boards, and more.

UC Berkeley Library Web: "The Movies, Race and Ethnicity
This site explores portrayals of African-Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, Jews, Native Americans and women of all ethnicities and races in movies. Includes links to a diverse collection of filmmakers.

Wild West Women, Inc.
Summaries and ordering information for a number of fabulous films about great women.

Women Make Movies
This non-profit media arts organization can be reached via email at for general information, and for info on or orders from their catalogue. Established to address the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in the media, WMM is located at 462 Broadway, Suite 500 D, New York, NY 10013.