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Rally to Support Title IX

Date: 1/29/2003 Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm Event Type: Actions/Events

Description: Dont Let Bush Bench Your Daughters!

Title IX, the law that guarantees equality in federally funded education, is under attack. On January 29th, the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics appointed by the Bush Administration to review Title IX will meet at the Hotel Washington to vote on proposals that will decimate Title IX. If the Commissions recommendations are implemented by the Department of Education, women and girls will lose thousands of opportunities to participate in athletics and thousands of dollars in scholarship money. This is only the beginning. If women and girls are shut out of athletic participation because of the Commissions report, the same rationale could be used to reverse the gains women have made in science, math, and graduate schools.

The Commission is stacked with opponents of Title IX who are planning to weaken the law and its regulations. As they vote, the Commission members should be reminded about what is at stake and how important Title IX and athletic participation are for all women and girls.

For further info, contact Alice Cohan at Feminist Majority, 703-522-2214, or; Jan Erickson at NOW, 202-628-8669 x122, or;
Rebecca Menso at NCWO, 202-393-7122.or; or Jamie Pueschel Fasteau at AAUW, 202-785-7730, or

Location: Hotel Washington, 515 15th St. NW, between PA Ave & F St. NW, Washington, DC

Contact: Alice Cohan

Phone: 703-522-2214 E-Mail:

URL: http://

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