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World Day of Fast & Nonviolence for Women in the Provisional Afghan Gov't

Date: 12/1/2001 Time: Event Type: Actions/Events

Description: Solemn declaration for the World Day of Fast:

"The Provisional Afghan Government must include women.

The presence of women in the government is a necessary condition - although not sufficient in itself - to ensure the civil, social, human, juridical and political progress of a noble, long-suffering country and of the entire region that shares and determines its fate.

This condition must not become simply the statement of a hope or principle, a marginal problem facing those who are responsible for the construction and the establishment of the new government.

This political objective must be pursued immediately also through the mobilization and contribution of the general public and political forces around the world who genuinely want to defeat terrorism and the violent regimes which oppress to much of the world, using the great weapons of Gandhian nonviolence, political democracy, the principles of justice and freedom, tolderance and human solidarity in the democratic world."

Hoping that you will share these reasons and this objective, we invite you to participate in this fast and sign our declaration.

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Location: Worldwide, , NA

Contact: Transnational Radical Party, ASP 7H149 - 60 Rue Wiertz - 1047 BrusselsBELGIUM

Phone: + 32-2- E-Mail:


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