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Education Equality

Equity Allies

Equity allies are individuals or organizations with responsibilities for, and interest in, advancing civil rights in areas such as race, national origin, disabilities, sexual orientation, as well as gender.

They may be internal allies in the same institution that receives federal financial assistance as the Title IX coordinator, or they may be external allies, outside that institution. The internal allies may be employees with equity responsibilities (such as disabilities or affirmative action coordinators) or supportive teacher colleagues or high school or college students. External equity allies may include Title IX coordinators in other institutions, staff or volunteers in national equity organizations, college students working with public schools, or unaffiliated individuals from the community.

Equity ally organizations may be focused on a specific population or issues such as civil rights, multicultural education or gender equity issues or they may have a more general scope, such as a teacher union or student advocacy group. They may be local, state, or national organizations. These individual and organizational allies may respond to requests from the Title IX coordinators or bring equity problems to their attention and help them with the solutions. The allies may also encourage interested educators to volunteer to become Title IX coordinators and join this Title IX Action Network. In many cases, equity allies will also be gender equity resource providers. And they will certainly be gender equity resource users.

Take Action

All equity allies who have access to the Internet should sign up as Title IX Activists to receive electronic Title IX alerts, news stories, and updates on the Title IX Action Network.

Contribute to the Title IX Action Network by: