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Education Equality

Essential Resources for Title IX Coordinators

What are the roles of a Title IX coordinator? What issues should we be tackling on a daily bases? What is the scope of Title IX in protecting against sex discrimination in education activities and outcomes? These are all fundamental questions which may linger in the minds of newly appointed Title IX coordinators, or anyone who is interested in taking full advantage of Title IX. The responsibility of Title IX coordinators at any level from a state education agency to a local school or university is vital to protecting students and educators from discrimination on the basis of sex and for protecting their institutions from lawsuits and financial settlements. The following information and resources for Title IX coordinators and their colleagues who want to increase gender equality in education are provided by experienced Title IX coordinators and other gender equity experts. Please send your additions to

Essential Information on Title IX

Title IX Defined
The “Title IX Defined” section of the Feminist Majority Foundation's website provides basic, yet crucial, information from federal government sources.

Title IX: I EXercise My Rights
I EXercise My Rights is a public service, informational campaign designed to educate the public about Title IX. The “Living Law” section provides a chronology of key legal actions related to Title IX. The website also includes information on 10 key aspects of Title IX for non-technical audiences.

List of Title IX Coordinators and Gender-Equity Experts in State Education Agencies (PDF)
This Feminist Majority Foundation has compiled a list of all state Title IX and MOA coordinators, as well as each one's contact information.

Organizations and Handouts Related to Title IX
This list includes links to organizations and information to help you take advantage of Title IX.

Roles and Responsibilities of Title IX Coordinators


"History, Status, and Future Roles of Title IX Gender Equity Coordinators" (2004)
A twelve-page document explaining the roles of Title IX coordinators, the progression of the Title IX coordinator as a role, their importance and several other helpful sections to provide clarity to the occupation.

Importance of Title IX Coordinators Handout
A concise two-page handout that explains methods that can be utilized to reinvigorate the role of Title IX Coordinators in promoting gender equity in education.


"Title IX and Gender Equity Responsibilities of State Education Agencies (SEAs)" (2003) (Word doc)
Developed by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education, this document outlines the core functions of Title IX Coordinators in State Education Agencies. It also suggests how the Coordinators can combine these functions with their responsibility for related state laws and policies as well as other gender equity education issues.


“Title IX Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities: Local School Districts” (Word doc)
Composed by William Howe, Marilyn Hulme, Susan McKevitt, and Linda Shevitz from various state and federal guidance, this 4 page paper describes key functions for Title IX coordinators in local school districts. It can be used by district level Title IX coordinators as well as school level Title IX coordinators.


Postsecondary institutions may have more than one Title IX Coordinator. For example one of the Title IX Coordinators may work with athletic issues and others may work with sexual harassment prevention or non discrimination in employment issues. We are still looking for some good models here of roles and responsibilities.

Title IX Coordinator Handbooks

Title IX Legal Manual (2001)
Developed by the United States Department of Justice, this Manual provides an overview of the legal principles of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Title IX Coordinator's Handbook: A Technical Assistance Resource for California Community Colleges (1999)
Originally written by Mary Thorpe, Hendrix, and Associates, this revised manual provides helpful information for all Title IX Coordinators on the post-secondary level, both in and outside of California.

Gender Equity Handbook
Edited by Sue Klein, FMF's Education Equity Director, Chapter Five of the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education discusses the role of the government in maintaining Title IX and promoting gender equity in education.

Checklists for Implementing Title IX

Title IX Compliance Checklist (1991) (Word doc)
Adapted from Rose, Kolb, and Baara-Zumman's The Equitable School Curriculum, this checklist provides ways for gauging the equity within one's school district and always provides a checklist for measuring the progress and success of a Title IX coordinator.

Check It Out: Is the Playing Field Level for Women and Girls at Your School? – An Athletics Equity Checklist for Students, Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Administrators, and Advocates (2004)
Check It Out is a resource book written by the National Women's Law Center that was assembled as a tool to help students, athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, and advocates determine if the athletic program in their area is providing the same opportunities to females as to males.

Tools of the Trade: Using the Law to Address Sex Segregation in High School Career and Technical Education (2005)
Developed by the National Women's Law Center, this report explains the enrollment of women in Career & Technical Education and provides toolkits to help students, parents and advocates understand and use laws and policies to counteract sex segregation and discrimination in education opportunities and experiences relating to traditional and non traditional careers. 2005 Summaries are also available for many states.

Title IX Training Materials

Orientation to the Gender Equity Profession (1105) (Powerpoint doc)
This document, authored by Barbara Bitters, employee of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, provides slides on key gender equity concepts and laws as welll as information on the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education (AGELE) and important ideas which must be addressed and understood.

Title IX Campus Action Kit
The Title IX Action Kit includes a Title IX fact sheet, compliance checklist, and a list of state Title IX Coordinators, all to aid in the process of ensuring that women are treated fairly on college campuses.

Questions and Answers

Women's Equity Resource Center
Compiled by the WEEA Equity Resource Center.
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Q's and A's Related to Title IX (Word doc)
Compiled by Darcy Lees, Washington State SEA Title IX Coordinator