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Ellen Saliares

Projects/Teams: Campus, Global, NCAP

School: Grinnell College

Major/minor: Sociology

Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

Advice for future interns: Get excited.

Favorite experience at FMF: I’ve had some good times blogging. I’ve also really enjoyed working on the NCAP because it is an issue that I am pretty passionate about. And, pretty much any meeting with Ellie.

Favorite Choices Campus blog post: The “Susan B Rap” with Emily. Or that one that I wrote about single women.

What does feminism mean to you?: To make a long story short, I think that feminism is a necessary movement to erase sexism (which means equality and freedom for EVERYONE).

Favorite quote/personal quote: “Hey, can I get a picture with you? I want to send it to my friend to show him that you exist.”- being asked for a picture while wearing my “This is what a feminist looks like” shirt. Or “Wait, are you dudes ladies?”

Favorite places in DC: The Crime and Punishment Museum

Future plans: I am going to study abroad in Sweden this fall, and then I’m returning to Grinnell. After that, I’ll probably travel the world working for women’s equality.