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Intern Events

Women Deliver Conference 2010
The Women Deliver 2010 conference brought reporters, political leaders, and advocacy organziations from around the world (30 countries total) together at the US Capitol to discuss the important issues surrounding reproductive health. Interns attended plenaries as well as a post-conference reception as a way to make global network ties and learn more about global women's issues.

Digital Capital Week
Digital Capital Week is a 10 day conference exploring the latest techonological innovations and the best ways utilize them while bringing together the digital community of the surrounding area. The FMF Web Interns attended the conference to expand their knowledge of social media and the virtual aspects of non-profit organizations. Specific panels the interns attended include "When Failure and Criticism are Public" and "Energizing Your Base and Online Community Organizing."

Jewish Women's International Summer Series
Jewish Women's International (JWI) hosted panels to discuss experiences that affect young women today. From sexual assault to financial literacy, young women met over breakfast to discuss the different issues they faced and various ways to get active and create change.

Women's Information Network (WIN) 21st Annual Women Opening Doors for Women
Women Opening Doors for Women is a two part networking event that allows pro-choice, democratic women the opportunity to make new ties and explore new interests. At the networking reception, in honor of the organizations' creation, interns were able to meet other women in the WIN community and distribute copies of Ms. Magazine. Following the reception, interns attended a one out of 30 dinners hosted by a member of WIN focused on a variety of political topics.

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on the Nominiation of Elena Kagan
This year FMF interns were able to experience a once in a lifetime event: the confirmation hearings of Elena Kagan. Interested interns in pairs of two sat in on the Senate Judicary Committee questions and witness testimonies of Elena Kagan.

See our FemNews update about the Kagan hearings here (video).

Strengthen Social Security Press Conference
This press conference represented the launch of a campaign to protect and strengthen Social Security – a program that women are disproportionately dependent upon.  Terry O’Neill, President of NOW spoke and acknowledged the importance of fighting to keep the promise of Social Security alive. She fiercely proclaimed that while female constituents may be invisible to the members of the congressional Fiscal Commission, “you all are not invisible to us.”

"I never realized how disproportionately women were impacted by Social Security. It truly is a women’s issue, and it was great to hear support from so many organizations to protect and maintain the promise of Social Security that millions of women rely on. The event also highlighted the importance of the 2010 elections and making sure we have people in office who support women and the programs that help them." - Jacqui Logan

Campus Progress National Conference
Campus Progress hosted a two-day conference tackling issues of our generation and discussing ways to create a more progressive nation. Interns from Feminist Majority Foundation tabled at the event, facilitated discussions, and attended various panels at the event.

Clinic Defense against Operation Save America in Charlotte, NC
In response to Operation Save America's national event in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Feminist Majority Foundation sent a National Cinic Access Project team to defend local clinics from anti-choice extremists. As part of the team, one East Coast office intern and two local interns worked alongside senior staff and various organizations to successfully keep Charlotte clinics open.

Empowering Women, Ending Violence, Ensuring Reproductive Rights
Every year, FMF interns organize a Captiol Hill Briefing and Congressional Visit day for interns in the Washignton, DC area. This year the briefing focused on the Women's Treaty (CEDAW), International Family Planning, Domestic Family Planning (Prevention First Act), and the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA). Attendees attended a briefing session where they were be educated about these issues and afterwards, several interns visited their legislators.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Investgative Visits
Two groups of interns visited two crisis pregnancy centers (CPC's) in the D.C. metropolitan area. Each group was met with inaccurate facts about reproductive health, abortion and pregnancy, as well and racial and gender stereotyping.

Find out more about Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics.

White House Council on Women and Girls Intern Briefing
Two interns were able to attend an intern briefing put on by the Whote House Council on Women and Girls. Council Director Tina Chen and three other speakers talked about workplace flexibility, healthcare reform, CEDAW, Hispanic communities, and other womens' issues. There was a short discussion following the speakers, including a question and answer session.