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Liberty Slater!

FMF Projects Worked On: The Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues Monthly Summary Notes, Education Equity, the National Young Feminist Leaders Conference 2011, Web, No More Excuses Campaign.

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

College: I will graduate from Bates College in 2012 as a Political Science Major and Philosophy Minor.

What Song Embodies Your Time at FMF the Most? Cars, Money, and Fame-- Timeflies

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...make people less willing to dehumanize one another and help everyone to see themselves as members of a shared community.

I Am a Feminist Because... I believe the only way to improve the quality of life of the majority of people in this world is by striving towards global gender equality and adding women’s voices to the pre-existing power structure.

Advice For Future Interns? Leave a box of cereal at work!!