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The interns have worked to code the Ms. Blog digest, as well as build the internship website. Similarly, over the course of our internship we have become competent in harvesting statistics for email blasts on the Democracy in Action database, "Salsa."

Education Equity:
We helped to compile a list of Title IX coordinators in each state across America. The interns worked together to call representatives of State Departments of Education to ensure that they had a Title IX coordinator and to collect the contact details for these Title IX coordinators and compile them together. If they did not, the interns were sure to ask why and make a note of this.

The interns did extensive research on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s outdated definition of rape, as well as the rape kit backlog across America. This research has leant itself to the creation of the “No More Excuses” campaigned, premiered in the Spring 2011 issue of Ms. Magazine.

Campus Team: The interns assisted campus with the National Young Feminist Leaders Conference. We also attended several protests and events with campus relating to women's issues. Elizabeth Plank also helped campus by going on a tour of schools in North Carolina with a member of the campus team.