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Catherine Schetina | Scripps College

FMF projects worked on: National Clinic Access Project, Reproductive Justice Summit 

Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite moment of your internship: Getting to go to a WRAP event and meet Sandra Fluke!

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...Make intersectional feminism the rule, not the exception. 

I Am a Feminist Because...I, my mother, and my grandmother have all attended women's colleges, so I was trained to be a feminist from birth! 

Advice For Future Interns? Be a self-starter! The more you put into the internship the more you'll get out of it.

Lucy Vernasco | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

FMF projects worked on: Campus and Girls Learn International

Hometown: Libertyville, IL.

Favorite moment of your internship: I was ecstatic when my blog post on Crisis Pregnancy Centers was reprinted on and mentioned on several other websites. I hope my story educated others and exposed fake clinics. 

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...Ensure every girl receives the education she deserves and nothing will stand in her way. Education is empowerment.

I Am a Feminist Because...Everyone needs the right to make decisions for their own mind, body, and spirit.

Advice For Future Interns? Don't be afraid to reach out, email an editor for a super cool Feminist magazine about a piece you've written, and tweet your heart out. 

Joanna Parada | California State University

FMF projects worked on: Campus Team, Media Team

Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite moment of your internship: Meeting such a great group of women with an array of ideas, opinions and backgrounds has been by far the most fulfilling experience. As a campus organizer I enjoyed the thrill of visiting campuses and helping feminist leaders advance their presence on their campus. And of course, my internship experience would not have been complete without the Reproductive Justice Summit. The summit served as the perfect environment for feminist (men AND women) to engage in conversations regarding reproductive justice and in some cases, reproductive injustice.

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...Get rid of human-created divides on the basis of class, color, size, and gender. Wouldn’t it be great if the human race were to start over on a clean slate? No preconceived ideas about each other, just “Hello, my name is _____”. Peace and equality, that’s what I would attempt to bring to the world.

I Am a Feminist Because...My niece deserves to live in a world where her abilities and intelligence are what dictate her success in life. Because my mother deserves to see what a professional and successful woman looks like in an environment where a woman can break free from a prevalent patriarchal hold. Because my father can witness and feel first hand that machismo is a deterrent of happiness and fulfillment, not a splendid aspect of culture. I am a feminist because I want to honor the women before me and lead as example to those after me.

Advice For Future Interns? Never fear to go above and beyond. Some may call you a conceited over-achiever—others will call you a beast (in a good way). Set a goal, conceive a plan of action and plunge into results. The internship will be as great as you want it to be, so make it count.

Sydney Odell | Bringham Young University

FMF projects worked on: Campus Team, Media Team

Hometown: Olympia, Washington

Favorite moment of your internship: My favorite moment of my internship was the Reproductive Justice Summit we put on in the middle of our time at FMF. We all got to speak on subjects that we were passionate about, and the response we got back was absolutely fantastic. It really opened our eyes to our potential, and helped us to be able to connect with other like-minded people out there in the community and remember we weren't alone. Overall, it was a great experience. I love my other smart, dedicated, beautiful, and talented interns!

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...have kids be taught conflict resolution from a younger age. There are so many different opinions in the world, and sometimes it is so hard to not just shut off and discard someone's experiences/opinions especially when dealing in realms of privilege. But I think we need to help instill these communicative and intuitive skills so that we can continue to progress in the actual constructive and hard dialogue we need to deal with issues of inequality that still pervade our modern society. Learning these tools in higher education completely transformed my life, but that can't be something that is reserved for only a select few. That's where I would start as a catalyst for future change. 

I Am a Feminist Because...It helps me to be able to recognize my privilege and work towards a more inclusive world. It allows me the space to engage in critical dialogue about some of the systemic problems of domination that exist in our current society, and gather together with smart and innovative people to think about ways that we can improve. 

Advice For Future Interns? Don't be afraid to speak out! There's a room for feminism in literally every sector, whether you are a social science major or not. We need people standing up and breaking down these stereotypes, so own whatever community you are in and try to be the change you wish to see in the world!

Veronica Shnayder | UC Berkeley

FMF projects worked on: Campus Team, State Capitals project, Ms. in the Classroom

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Favorite moment of your internship: Meeting Yvette Martinez, Deputy State Director and Senior Advisor to U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer!

If I Could Change One Thing About the World I Would...Make it perfect =] 

I Am a Feminist Because...old white men need to get out of my uterus!! 

Advice For Future Interns? Never bring lunch!!!! Go out with everyone else =]