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West Coast Fall 2014 Interns

Brianna Kovan

Hometown: Okemos, Michigan

College/University and Major: The University of Michigan; Majors: English, Arts & Ideas in the Humanities; Minor: Women's Studies

Internship Projects: Ms. magazine

Why are you a feminist? I think it's necessary that people think about social identities and the privileges and oppressions linked to them--on both personal and societal levels. I view feminism as an umbrella conversation to talk about these issues.

What's your favorite internship memory? The room of free books! (Swoon.)

Advice for future interns? Read, read, read! 

Abeni Moreno

Hometown: Whittier, Ca

College/University and Major: Cal State Long Beach, Women Gender Sexuality Studies. 

FMF Projects: Blogging, Fact Checking 

Why are you a feminist? Because for me, feminism is diverse and embodies all my intersectionalities.

Feminism has always told me: 
You have a right to live as a person of color, 
you have a right to reproductive justice, 
you have the right to higher education,
You have the right to be LGBTQ and love and marry freely 
You have right to be seen and acknowledged as a living person with inalienable rights even if you are "undocumented" 
You have the right to roam the world without fear of violence, sexual assault and rape.  
You have a right to be proud of your body and reject others who say you are not beautiful. 
You have the right to identify with any gender, sex, orentation - all of the above or none of the above. 
You have the right to quality healthcare
You have the right to economic equality
You have to the right to environmental justice 
You have to right to protest and demand change 
You have to right to your own culture, spirituality and faith. 
You have the right to know about your history, government and affecting policies without secrecy  
You have a right to justice if any of these have been violated. 
You have the right to exist. 
What's your favorite Ms. internship memory? Getting to see and write about "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" film. - Awesome movie. 

Advice for future Ms. interns? Always be prepared with a story pitch.