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8/31/2001 - UN Suspends Refugee Screening Process in Pakistan
The United Nations suspended its participation in joint screening of Afghan refugees with Pakistan government officials Friday, claiming Pakistan had broken its agreement with the UN by taking refugees back to Afghanistan and handing them directly over to the Taliban....

4/6/2001 - UN Blames Pakistan For Blockage Of Aid To Afghan Refugees
In a statement released by the United Nations, Pakistan has reneged on an agreement reached last month with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to allow adequate UN relief supplies to be delivered to the 70,000 Afghan refugees in the Jalozai refugee camp. One of the most desperate camps for Afghan refugees is located in the Pakistan city of Jalozai....

3/30/2001 - Repatriation Too Dangerous for Many Afghan Refugees
Thousands of unregistered Afghan refugees living near Peshawar, Pakistan, could be deported back to Taliban-controlled Afghanista, where gender apartheid and ethnic and cultural genocide are devastating a population already strained by a severe drought....

3/19/2001 - Post Chronicles Afghan Refugee Crisis
In a front page story in this Sundays Washington Post, journalist David Finkel provides one of the first comprehensive U.S....