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8/9/2010 - New Kenyan Constitution Includes Gains for Women
Sixty-seven percent of Kenyan citizens voted to implement a new constitution late last week, which will decrease the powers of the presidency, expand the rights of citizens and advance the status of women....

6/17/2009 - Egypt Approves Quota for Women in Parliament
The Egyptian parliament passed a law Sunday adding 64 seats reserved for women to the lower house of the legislature....

2/19/2009 - National Gender Equity Campaign Launched in South Africa
A campaign was launched in South Africa today by the National Gender Machinery that aims to create equal representation of women in political and decision-making positions in both the public and private sectors....

3/14/2008 - UN Deputy Secretary General Declares Women's Role Essential to Reaching Development Goals
The United Nations (UN) Deputy Secretary General Asha-Rose Migiro announced in a speech that efforts to reach the UN's Millennium Development Goals must focus on empowering women....

2/25/2004 - Leadership Choices:Win a Seat at the Table
Gender affects public opinion, decision-making, voting behavior, and political involvement at all levels national, local and on campuses....