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1/5/2005 - Pentagon Issues New Policies to Prevent Sexual Assault in the Military
Following sexual assault scandals in Iraq and at the Air Force Academy, the Pentagon has issued new policies to prevent these types of crimes from occurring, to investigate cases more thoroughly, and to treat victims with more consideration....

7/25/2003 - Okinawa: Marine Pleads Guilty to Rape
The US marine arrested in June for allegedly punching and raping a 19-year-old Japanese woman in Okinawa pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of rape and assault, reported Reuters....

6/18/2003 - Okinawa: Marine Arrested for Rape
Coming on the heels of the ongoing Air Force Academy scandal, a US marine accused of punching and raping a 19-year-old Japanese woman in Okinawa was arrested this week, highlighting the continuing problem of sexual violence in the military....

1/3/2003 - Afghan Women to Join Kabul Police Force, Country Still in Shambles
Afghan government officials on Tuesday announced the reintroduction of female cadets to the Kabul police academy, reported the Associated Press....

1/23/2002 - Military Rescinds Dress Requirement for Female Servicemembers in Saudi Arabia
Following a lawsuit filed by Lt....