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Feminist News

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11/15/2007 - New HPV Vaccine In Clinical Trials
Clinical trials began in Australia and New Zealand on Monday for a new HPV vaccination that researchers believe will protect against 90% of the HPV strains that are linked to cervical cancer, as well as most cases of genital warts....

10/26/2004 - UN Still Divided on US-Backed Ban on All Forms of Human Cloning
Despite pressure from the United States, the United Nations has delayed a vote on a proposal to ban all forms of human cloning, including stem cell and other therapeutic cloning research that scientists believe has the potential to treat serious illnesses such as cancer and spinal cord injuries....

9/30/2003 - Report: US Cuts In Family Planning Aid Hurt Women Around the World
A new report finds that the Bush Administration's global gag rule endangers the lives of women, children and families in poor countries around the world....