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Feminist News

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2/26/2007 - Woman Colonel Urges Troops to Refuse Orders if US Attacks Iran
Adding to the chorus of women leaders demanding that President Bush retreat from the possibility of war against Iran, retired Army Reserves Colonel and former high-ranking diplomat Mary Ann Wright asked military personnel to refuse potentially imminent orders to attack Iran....

2/13/2002 - U.S. Anti-Abortion Extremists Bring Violent Tactics to Britain
The Army of God, a clandestine network of anti-abortion extremists based in the U.S., sent a threatening letter to a British law firm, George Green & Co., whose clients include a womens reproductive healthcare clinic that provides abortion services in England....

12/4/2000 - Republicans Announce Campaign Against The International Criminal Court
Republicans in the United States House of Representatives and Senate, led by Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Jesse Helms, have announced their plans to not ratify the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, making it a top legislative priority for next year....