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Feminist News

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10/6/2003 - Abstinence-Only Advocate to Head Global AIDS Initiative
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday approved the nomination of former Eli Lilly CEO Randall Thomas to head the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator in the State Department....

5/2/2003 - House Passes $15 Billion for AIDS, Focus on Abstinence
The House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill authorizing $15 billion over the next five years to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean, with a last-minute amendment requiring a third of the money to go towards abstinence and monogamy programs....

3/25/2003 - Delayed Senate Vote on AIDS Bill Raises Issue of Abstinence
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee delayed a vote scheduled for last Thursday on a bill that would provide funds to treat and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide....