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Feminist News

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4/29/2002 - Report Finds Reproductive Health Needs of the Young Are Neglected
A new report conducted by Population Action International (PAI) found that young people in the US are in need of more reproductive health services and information....

2/13/2002 - U.S. Anti-Abortion Extremists Bring Violent Tactics to Britain
The Army of God, a clandestine network of anti-abortion extremists based in the U.S., sent a threatening letter to a British law firm, George Green & Co., whose clients include a womens reproductive healthcare clinic that provides abortion services in England....

11/26/2001 - Taliban Tortured Afghan Women in Kabul Prison
In 1999, when interviewing Afghan women refugees who had recently fled to Pakistan, the Feminist Majority Foundations research staff first heard reports of torture in Taliban-run womens prisons....