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New Ads Criticize Abstinence-Only Programs

Children need a balanced education on
sexuality, including information on both
abstinence and contraception, according to
recent ads by Planned Parenthood of New
York City's Othmer Institute. The most recent
ad, featured in Tuesday's New York Times,
argues against abstinence-only programs,
noting that the government spends $88 million
annually on programs "that insist on keeping
young people in the dark."

Othmer reports that "ninety percent of U.S.
voters want comprehensive sexuality
education that includes information about
sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy
prevention," and cites research demonstrating
that children with a balanced background in
sex education make more responsible

Four other Othmer ads call for
comprehensive sexuality education, tolerance
of alternative families, the importance of the
female vote, and the danger of bans on
so-called "partial-birth" abortion. To view
these ads, visit the Othmer Institute.

Media Resources: Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report - 26 May,