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Improved Emergency Contraception Product in Works

Gynetics, Inc., a private, NJ-based women's health care company and manufacturer of the PREVEN(tm) Emergency Contraceptive Kit, announced last week that a new, improved version of the PREVEN(tm) product may soon become available.

The FDA recently gave Gynetics permission to begin the Phase III clinical trials necessary to bring the product to market. The new product, deemed the PREVEN(tm) 2 Kit, contains a progestin-only drug, instead of the progestin and estrogen tablets found in the original product. Two rounds of clinical tests have shown that PREVEN(tm) 2 is as effective as the progestin-estrogen combination, yet causes fewer side effects. Like the original, the new PREVEN(tm) kits will include a pregnancy test and a booklet which explains how to use the kit.

Emergency contraception is intended for use before pregnancy begins and does not affect existing pregnancies. It has been found 98% effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

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