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Vice President Implores Congress to Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

In reference to a report released yesterday by
the Department of Justice's Bureau of
Statistics on "Intimate Violence," Vice
President Al Gore called upon Congress to
reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act
(VAWA) for an additional five years so that it
can continue to provide protection for women
against domestic violence.

The DOJ report found that since 1976, the
number of deaths (both women and men)
from intimate partner violence has decreased.
The report also found that the number of
women who were victims of domestic
violence has dropped by 21 percent since

Gore credited the Violence Against Women
Act for the decrease in intimate violence, and
pledged to work with congress to reauthorize
VAWA, which suffered a major defeat in the
U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the
Civil Rights Remedy of the Violence Against
Women Act, thereby eliminating victims'
ability to collect for medical expenses and lost
wages in civil suits. The Supreme Court
decision against this provision leaves women
with no federal civil legal remedy for damages
they suffer because of violent attacks.

Gore reiterated his "wholehearted
commitment to working with Congress to
restore protections struck down by the
Supreme Court earlier this week to give
victims of gender-motivated violence the
power to sue their attackers for lost earnings,
medical expenses and other damages."

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