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Connerly Drops Florida Drive to End Affirmative Action

Ward Connerly has given up the drive to get a
constitutional amendment on the ballot in
November to ban affirmative action for
women and minorities.

Connerly's proposal would ban affirmative
action policies for women and minorities from
all levels of government in public education,
contracting or employment.

Gov. Jeb Bush, who launched his One Florida
anti-affirmative action against Connerly's
petition drive plan, was happy with Connerly's
decision according to a spokesperson. Bush's
plan, which passed the state Legislature last
week, bans affirmative action in state
universities and contracting but does not apply
to cities or counties. Connerly ridiculed Bush's
anti-affirmative action plan as a "lame
alternative" to his anti-affirmative proposal.

Affirmative action programs seek to remedy
past discrimination against women, minorities,
and others by increasing the recruitment,
promotion, retention, and on-the-job training
opportunities in employment and by removing
barriers to admission to educational

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