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Iranian Women Return Home in Protest

U.S. immigration officials demanded that
seven Iranian women delegates to the United
Nations Beijing +5 Conference be
fingerprinted before their entry into the
country Monday. The United Nations invited
the women, representing three
non-governmental organizations, to the
conference. Rather than consenting to be
fingerprinted, the women returned home to
Iran in protest. "We were taken by cars used
to transport convicts at the airport. We were
treated as if we were criminals," said Sediqeh
Hejazi. According to Hejazi, the official
Iranian delegation to the conference was
admitted into the United States without being
fingerprinted. U.S. federal law requires
visitors from four countries --- Iran, Iraq,
Libya, and Sudan --- to be photographed and
fingerprinted on arrival to the U.S.

Media Resources: Washington Post, June 6, 2000