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Feminist News


United Nations Beijing +5 Conference Continues

10,000 activists from around the
globe are meeting at the United
Nations this week to review the
world's progress toward
women's equality since the
Beijing conference in the 1995.
Five years since Beijing, U.N.
officials believe that half of the
world's female population
endures some type of domestic
abuse, and the U.N. estimates
that more than 1 million women
are victims of sex trafficking
worldwide. In politics, only 8
governments out of 189 have
met their Beijing commitment to
increase women's participation
in parliamentary positions to 30
percent. However, U.N.
Secretary General Kofi Annan
and U.S. secretary of state
Madeline Albright addressed the
delegates, saying that the world's
governments have made some
positive strides. "It is no longer
possible, after Beijing, to deny
that women's rights are human
rights," Albright declared today.
"When a woman is raped,
beaten or mutilated, it is not
cultural, it is criminal."

Media Resources: Washington Post - June 9, 2000