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Search for Clinic Bombing Witness Continues

Investigators continue their search for Eric Robert Rudolph, wanted in connection with the Alabama abortion clinic bombing that killed officer Robert Sanderson and seriously injured nurse Emily Lyons. A convoy of federal agents and law enforcement officers moved from Murphy, N.C., through back roads, to the Georgia-Tennessee border. Agents combed the mountains with special heat-sensor equipment and two FBI bloodhounds along the way.

Authorities have asked the public not to approach Rudolph if he is seen. Rudolph is a 32-year-old white male with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 5-feet, 10-inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Call the ATF hotline, 1-888-ATF-BOMB, with information concerning Rudolph or the bombing.

Pictures of Eric Robert Rudolph

Media Resources: Reuters - February 11, 1998