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Feminist News


Clinton Signs Telecommunications Bill into Law--Ignores Threat to Women's Lives

On Thursday February 8, President Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act which includes a clause that will create an on-line abortion ban. This Internet "gag rule" curtails the ability of women to share and exchange information on abortion and abortion services.

Feminist Majority Foundation President, Eleanor Smeal noted, "The Telecommunications Act is transforming the Internet from an information superhighway to an information roadblock invoked by high tech censorship. Ironically, just as more women's organizations and more women are going on-line, Congress is moving to criminalize womens constitutional right to send and receive vital medical information."

Urge the President and the Attorney General to Enjoin Enforcement on the Internet Abortion Gag Rule

Urge your Representative to Support Rep. Schroeders Attempt to Amend the Telecommunications Act

Media Resources: Pathfinder News Now, Reuters - February 8, 1996