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Female Cadets' Lawyers Ask for Hazing Evidence from the Citadel

The lawyers of female Citadel cadets who were hazed during their first semester by upper-class cadets have requested evidence from the military institute. The lawyers are asking for a cassette tape taken from one of the women, Jeanie Mentavlos, when the upper-classmen discovered a concealed tape recorder she wore to prove the harassment occurred and the names of anyone who came in contact with the tape. The lawyers are also asking for a statement and anyone who came in contact with it that Mentavlos reportedly made to the school after she was hit across the face with a cardboard and wounded. And, the lawyers are requesting documents related to the confiscation of pornographic materials, weapons, alcohol, branding tools and fire-making material taken from cadets. The lawyers want to assess whether it is safe for the women to return to campus after the December break.

Media Resources: The Washington Post - December 28, 1996