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Jury Finds Simpson Liable

In the 1997 Civil Trial of O.J. Simpson, the jury has unanimously found that the former football player is "responsible" for the deaths of Ron Goldman and Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown. The jury awarded the family of Ron Goldman $8.5 million in compensatory damages; Nicole Browns family has not asked for compensatory damages. The jury will now hear evidence as to Simpsons financial status and determine punitive damages, which could also range in the millions, for Goldman and Simpsons deaths. During deliberations, the jury asked to see evidence focusing on Simpsons alibi and the recollections of Alan Park, the limousine driver who picked up Simpson on the night of the slayings. The jury also asked to see evidence of a New Years 1989 fight which left Nicole bruised and battered. Simpson denied, on the stand, ever hitting her saying instead that they wrestled while drunk despite having previously pleaded no contest to spousal battery.

Media Resources: The Washington Post - February 5, 1997