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Australian State Health Minister to Override Tribunal Ruling Allowing Lesbian Women to Receive Donor Sperm

An Australian anti-discrimination tribunal has granted lesbian women the right to have access to donor sperm. However, the Queensland Health Minister Mike Horan said he will amend laws to close a "lifestyle loophole." He wants only the traditional family of a male and female to have access to fertility clinics. Horan told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, "[Fertility clinics] werent established to suit a particular lifestyle. They were established to provide assistanceto people who had reproductive problems." He also commented, "Its time in society that we started to take a stance about what are our standards of family." The comments came in response to a tribunal ruling awarding a woman A$7,500 (US$5,700) from a fertility clinic which turned her down because she is gay.

Media Resources: The Nando Times - February 3, 1997