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Two Insurance Executives Resign in Harassment Scandal

The president and presidents deputy of CNA Life insurance company resigned after the sexual harassment allegations of two female employees came to light. The female employees complained of sexual harassment committed by president, Jack Kettler, to the companys deputy president, Robert Teske. Teske failed to act in the matter, and Roger Morris, a spokesperson for the company commented, "Mr. Kettler made the comments that were offensive and they were brought to Mr. Teskes attention. Our policy is that employees can take complaints to management and they will be acted on. They were not acted on." Refusing to discuss the exact comments, Morris continued, "This was serious enough that he should have immediately stopped making those comments; harassment is prohibited and these policies were obviously violated." David J. Bowman, president of TTG Consultants in Los Angeles reflected, "A few years ago, a corporation very well might have tried to cover this up or they might have just laughed it off as horseplay. This insurance company did exactly what they should have."

Media Resources: The New York Times - March 5, 1997