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Feminist News


“Dr. Laura” Loses Sponsors and Viewers

The efforts of gay and lesbian activist groups are paying off in the fight to put Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s television show out of business and off the air. Protestors of the “Dr. Laura” show pressured marketers and sponsors of the show to pull out their support because of Dr. Laura’s anti-gay remarks during her radio program. In addition to fleeing sponsors, the “Dr. Laura” show can’t seem to hold an audience. The show’s ratings are extremely low, 15 to 28 percent lower than the shows that air just before “Dr. Laura,” and 12 to 28 percent lower than shows that aired in the same time slot in previous seasons. Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh experienced a similarly weak response from viewers during his short-lived transition from radio to television.

Media Resources: New York Times – September 18, 2000