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Taliban to Force Religious Minorities in Afghanistan to Wear Yellow

The terrorist Taliban regime has requested a religious edict or fatwa to force non-Muslim religious minorities in Afghanistan to wear yellow garb so they may be singled out by all. This latest edict is reminiscent of the Third Reich that required Jews to wear a yellow star of David on their clothing, and we all know what that led to, said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation. The treatment of minorities in Afghanistan is bordering on a Holocaust. The civilized world must do more.

The Talibans announcement resulted in an uproar of opposition. The prime minister of India, a country dominated by the Hindu religion, expressed his anger and said the Talibans decision is further evidence of the terrorist groups backward and unacceptable ideology. There are approximately 5,000 Hindus living in Kabul, Afghanistans capitol, and thousands more in towns across the country.

Media Resources: Associated Press May 22, 2001; Feminist Majority Foundation