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Motive for Vatican Meeting on Child Sex Abuse Questioned

Cardinals from across the United States are set to meet at the Vatican this week to discuss pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church. While the scandal has rocked the moral authority of the Church, Rev. Thomas Doyle, an Air Force chaplain formerly with the Vatican embassy in Washington, suggests that the motives for the meeting may be at least partially economic. According to the Washington Post, Doyle claimed that the Vatican may have called the meeting in response to warnings over the costs of potential pedophilia lawsuits that could mirror corporate liability claims, like those involving tobacco. I think the Vatican has been told that this could cost the church not just millions, but billions of dollars, said Doyle. The chaplain then criticized the Vatican for not inviting victims and their families to the meeting. According to Doyle, the hierarchy is not hearing how horrendous this really is. The Pope has yet to make a direct statement relating to the Churchs concealment of pedophilia charges in the United States or the problems global proportions.

Media Resources: Washington Post, 4/22/02