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US Peacekeeping Troops to Remain in Bosnia

Despite threats last month to defy the International Criminal Court (ICC) by withdrawing US peacekeeping troops in Bosnia, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield last week said the US has no intention of pulling out its estimated 3,000 troops. On Tuesday, the US proposed a compromise to exempt US peacekeeping troops in Bosnia from prosecution by the ICC. United Nations (UN) Secretary General Kofi Annan conveyed continued reluctance among Security Council members: The whole system of UN peacekeeping operations is being put at risk by the USs attempt to undermine the ICC.

Under the 1995 Dayton peace accord, the US peacekeeping troops in Bosnia already have immunity from the ICC.

TAKE ACTION Urge the US Government to Support the ICC

Media Resources: 7/3/02; 7/4/02; Feminist Majority 6/24/02