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Greece to Draft Women

The ruling Socialist party in Greece has passed legislation that requires women to participate in the nation's military defense.

The groups of drafted women will be trained to defend the country's border areas and coastlines and to support regular army units in staving off attacks from the air. Under the new law, women are not required to participate in active combat.

Women with health problems, expectant mothers, and women with children under age 12 will not be forced to participate. All others will be punished with steep fines and/or imprisonment if they fail to participate.

Some women's groups oppose the new legislation. Yiota Avramidou of Kede, a women's peace group, said, "We really don't want to be associated with this climate of war. That's a man's game."

Greece is the first European Union country to draft women. Israel is the only other Western country that forces women to participate in the military.

Media Resources: - August 25, 1998