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Feminist News


Bush Administration Deletes Vital Information From Women's Bureau Website

A new report details the many ways in which the Bush Administration has removed or altered information about women's health, education, and labor. According to a report issued by the National Council for Research on Women, vital data has been deleted, buried, altered, or otherwise gone missing from government websites and publications; priorities have changed, funding cut, research finding distorted, important social differences masked, critical committees and programs dismantled all of which have debilitating consequences for peoples health and livelihoods.

The report reveals that 25 fact sheets and reports on issues ranging from Asian American and Pacific Islander women to pay equity have been removed from the Department of Labors Womens Bureau Website.

Earlier this year, a group of 60 leading scientists issued a report criticizing the Bush Administration for distor

Media Resources: 4/28/04; National Council for Research on Women 4/28/04; Feminist Daily News 2/20/04