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Report: Turkey Fails To Protect Women from Violence

A leading human rights organization issued a report criticizing the Turkish government and judiciary for failing to protect women from violence. According to Amnesty International, at least a third and possibly up to one-half of Turkish women are victims of violence within their own families.

The report states that violence against women by family members spans the spectrum from depriving women of economic necessities through verbal and psychological violence, to beatings, sexual violence and killings. The report shows that some acts of violence involve traditional practices, including honor killings and forced marriage. According to UN Wire, a womans rights activist stated that women are punished for staring out of a window for too long and for saying hello to male friends. One man is cited in the report to have strangled his daughter to death because she was raped.

Amnesty International is urging the Turkish government to protect women from violence by providing women with protective mechanisms such as shelters and judicial mechanisms. They are also calling on the government to ensure that prosecutors and police investigate and prosecute the perpetrators.

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Media Resources: Amnesty International 6/2/04; UN Wire 6/2/04; BBC News 6/7/04