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Slim-Fast Drops Whoopi Goldberg After Anti-Bush Jokes

Slim-Fast announced yesterday that it was dropping feminist comedian Whoopi Goldberg from its advertisements after she made jokes about President Bush at a fundraiser for John Kerry last week. The jokes included double entendres using Bushs name. I have used portions of the material I did at the fund-raiser in shows, speeches, and even on national television and it seems now that people from the other side are using this to further their agenda, said Goldberg in a press statement, according to CNN. I only wish the Republican re-election committee would spend as much time working on the economy as they seem to be spending trying to harm my pocketbook.

Though Unilever, the parent company of Slim-Fast, claimed they were pulling the ads because Goldbergs remarks offended some of [their] consumers, a company spokesperson refused to say whether there was a decrease in sales because of the remarks, Bloomberg News reports. Unilever executives have donated $3,000 to President Bush and $1,250 to Kerry for the 2004 election so far, USA Today reports.

Goldberg was a featured speaker at the massively successful March for Womens Lives on April 25, which brought more than one million women and men to Washington, DC in support of reproductive rights.

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