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RAPE is RAPE: No More Excuses

Find Out Whether there is a Backlog in Your Community

We need to determine the size and location of rape evidence kit backlogs so that we can take action to end the backlog.  We need your help!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Find the Phone Number/Address
    At you can click on the map to find your community, along with the address and telephone number of your top law enforcement officials (usually chief of police in a city, or county sheriff in a rural area). 

  2. Contact the Officials
    You can call using the script we provide so you know what questions to ask or you can write a letter requesting the information, and we've provided a letter you can easily copy and sign.

    The more calls and letters there are, the better response we will get, so be sure to Tell a Friend about this project.

  3. Report Back
    When you get a reply, whether by phone or letter, please Report Back so that we can build an accurate national picture and determine where concerted action is needed.


You can contact Feminist Majority Foundation in Arlington, VA, by email at or by phone at 703-522-2214.