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RAPE is RAPE: No More Excuses

Find Out Whether there is a Backlog in Your Community - Sample Letter

Below is a sample letter to your city police or county sheriff. At you can click on the map to find your community, along with the address and telephone number of your top law enforcement officials (usually chief of police in a city, or county sheriff in a rural area).



Dear __________________________

Each year tens of thousands of individuals report incidents of rape to law enforcement; however, rape has the lowest arrest and prosecution rates of all violent crimes in the United States. Part of the problem is a backlog of untested rape evidence kits. 

According to reported studies, over 90 percent of all rapes are committed by undetected repeat offenders. The failure to test rape kit DNA evidence promptly and fully allows these perpetrators to escape prosecution and continue to victimize our community.

As a resident, it is important to me that rape kits be tested in our community. 

I ask you to take the time to complete the attached form and provide me with the basic information about what is happening in our community.

We should have zero tolerance for rape and should commit to zero backlog. I hope you join me in making that commitment.

Thank you for your time.


Full Name________________________