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RAPE is RAPE: No More Excuses

Find Out Whether there is a Backlog in Your Community - Phone Script

Here is a script you can use in making your request for information. To call your Chief of Police or county Sheriff's office, you can locate the telephone number by clicking on the map at




Would you connect me with the office of the Chief of Police (or Sheriff)?

[When you reach the Chief/Sheriff's office]

Thank you for taking my call.  I am a resident of __________________ and I'm calling to ask about the processing of rape evidence kits. 

I would like to know how long it takes to get rape evidence kits tested, and also the number of kits that are currently backlogged and waiting to be tested. 

[If there is a backlog] I'm sorry to hear that there is a backlog.  Can you tell me by what date you expect to have the backlog completely eliminated?

[Be polite but persistent in getting to someone who can provide this information, and be sure to get the name of the person providing the information]