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Breast Cancer

Introductory Note from Eleanor Smeal

Cancer runs in my family. Breast cancer runs in the family of women. Breast cancer has reached epidemic proportions among American women.

We are providing the information on this site to empower you and to help end this tragic epidemic that is costing women their lives.

Early detection and proper medical treatment can help save your life. The resources found on our site can help you learn more about breast cancer, about self-examinations and mammography, about new research on breast cancer treatments, about breast cancer centers, and about clinical trials.

Women must work together to secure our fair share of research dollars. That is why the Feminist Majority Foundation has been a supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition since it began in 1991.

The concerted grassroots advocacy of women's organizations, breast cancer groups, and women's health advocates has made a difference. In 1991, only $90 million was appropriated by the federal government for breast cancer research. Because of the National Breast Cancer Coalition's leadership, Congress has significantly increased government funding for breast cancer research, committing a cumulative total of $2.4 billion dollars since 1992.

We urge you to make a contribution to the National Breast Cancer Coalition today to help increase federal funding for research into prevention, treatment, and finding a cure for breast cancer.