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Feminist Budget
Information provided by WILPF

Michael Eisner

Disney CEO

Taxpayers forked over $300,000 in 1995 to help Disney Co. put on a bigger and brighter nightly fireworks show. Through a Department of Energy program called "Cooperative Research and Development Agreements," the research took place at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Disney gets the commercial benefit of this publicly funded research, and if applicable, shares developments with the armed forces.

The nation's largest corporations and richest citizens receive more welfare money than our social welfare programs. In 1994, the United States spent $104.3 billion on corporate welfare and $619 billion on the military, while spending only $14.4 billion on Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC.) Federal aid to corporations and wealthy individuals includes bailouts, export promotions, loans, loan guarantees, debt forgiveness, below cost sales, interest free financing and other benefits. The current republican Contract ON America legislation calls for wiping out most of the remaining corporate income tax. These "wealthfare" and military expenditure policies are responsible for straining the federal budget.

Social welfare programs account for a small amount of the national budget. AFDC is less than 1% of the federal budget and, on average, no more than 2% of each state's fund. If AFDC is cut as part of the Contract ON America, 6.3 million people will lose food stamps, 3 million women and children will lose Women Infant And Children (WIC) assistance; and 3 million children will become ineligible for school lunches. These attacks are aimed primarily at poor families, 90% of which are run by single women. AFDC will be turned into block grants, administered at the whim of state governments. States will no longer be required to match federal outlays.

Information provided by WILPF
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