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1997 Clinic Violence Survey Report



At the same time that FACE reports increased, fewer clinics in 1997 sought legal remedies from the courts for clinic violence such as restraining orders, temporary injunctions, and permanent injunctions. During the first seven months of 1997, only 8% of clinics sought legal remedies for clinic violence from the courts. In 1995, 15.2% of clinics sought legal remedies; 10.9% sought legal remedies in 1996. Of the 26 clinics who sought legal remedies during the first seven months of 1997, 14 sought restraining orders, 5 temporary injunctions, and 4 permanent injunctions.

Less than half of the clinics seeking legal remedies actually won. In 1997, 44.4% (12) of clinics which sought legal remedies won, which represents a small increase since 1996 when 41.2% of clinics were successful in obtaining legal remedies. However, in 1995, 46.8% of clinics were awarded court remedies.

In 1997, restraining orders were awarded to 42.6% (6) of the clinics which sought this remedy. Of the clinics seeking restraining orders, 46.2% received them in 1996 and 1995. In 1994, 62.5% of clinics seeking restraining orders won.

Only one of the 5 clinics requesting a temporary injunction was awarded this remedy in 1997. In 1996, one of three clinics seeking temporary injunctions was awarded that remedy. Fifty percent of clinics who sought temporary injunctions in 1995 won those injunctions, and 62.5% of clinics in 1994.

Of the 4 clinics which sought permanent injunctions in 1997, only one clinic received this legal remedy. At 25%, the rate of success in receiving permanent injunctions was the lowest ever. In 1996, 60% of clinics which applied for permanent injunctions received them. The rate was even higher -- 72.2% -- in 1995.