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1995 Clinic Violence Survey Report

Table of Contents | Methodology | Key Findings | Violence Declines | Levels of Violence | Death Threats, Home Picketing, and Stalking | Decreases in Violence | One in Ten Clinics Lose Staff | One in Five Clinics Reported FACE Violations | Law Enforcement Response Improved | Levels of Violence Correlate with Law Enforcement Response | Legal Protectioins | Conclusions | Appendix A | Appendix B


Anti-Abortion Violence Declines in 1995; One-third of Clinics Still Under Serious Attack

One year after passage of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing the creation of "buffer zones" around women's health care clinics, the level of violence at abortion clinics has declined significantly. However, over one-third of clinics remained under serious attack by anti-abortion forces during the first seven months of 1995.

In 1995, 38.6% of clinics experienced one or more of the most severe forms of clinic violence. Types of violence included death threats, stalking, bomb threats and bombings, chemical attacks, blockades, invasions, and arson threats and arson attacks. This level of violence represented a drop of 13.3 points from 51.9% of clinics in 1994 and a drop of 11.6 points from 50.2% in 1993. (See Chart 1.)

Chart 1. Clinics Experiencing One or More Types of
Anti-Abortion Violence, 1993-1995